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White people get so angry at the phrase, “You cannot be racist towards white people.”

I will never understand why.

Why are you so angry that you are being treated as actual human beings? You are not reduced to caricatures, but portrayed as characters. You are treated fairly, judged not by your skin tone, but by the ways that you carry yourselves, by your actions.

Why do you want to experience racism so badly? It is not fun to be mocked, dehumanized, attacked, killed, incarcerated simply for daring to exist. It is not fun to know nothing of your history or family because it was torn apart, whether through distance or death. It is not fun to hear, at every turn, comments reminding you of your lesser status as humans.

Do you really want to turn on the tv, open a magazine, watch a movie, play a video game, and not see yourself? Or, even better, to only see yourself as a criminal, as a drunk, a mocking stereotype, or as someone to be killed off? Or would you rather see fleshed out, well-written characters with lives and personalities and feelings? I know which I’d rather pick.

If I were a white person, the phrase, “You cannot be racist towards white people,” would be the best thing I could ever hear.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race S05E14: Reunited

Like the previous seasons I have composed my final rankings of the queens of Season Five from 14th to 1st using the criteria Ru uses, but defining each a little differently.

Charisma: This is how likeable a queen is. Is she someone that as I an audience member can relate to? Is she kind? Can she act professionally? Is she funny? Does she also show vulnerability?

Uniqueness: For this category I am talking about personal style and drag aesthetic. I will be looking at hair, make-up, outfits, with an emphasis on how well their runway ensembles looked. If a queen makes her own outfits that’s a definite plus.

Nerve: I wanted to create a separate category for lip-syncing so that what I was ranking in this section. When it comes to the lip-sync I will be looking at how well the queens are able to emulate the original singer and perform accordingly. Acrobatics and dance skills are impressive but only when the song calls for it. And of course knowing the words and timing are a given. 

Talent: For this last category I am looking at how well each queen performed during all of the challenges this season if I were judging them.

The way I decide the final placing of each queen is by ranking them in each category and calculating the average of C.U.N.T. For Seasons 2 and 3 I weighed the four categories equally and for Season 1 I added different weights to each category, placing an emphasis on Uniqueness, followed by Charisma, Talent, and Nerve. For Season 4 I divided the queens into a top 6 and a bottom 7, placing more of an emphasis on Uniqueness with the top queens and more emphasis on Nerve for the bottom queens. For both groups Talent was the most important and Charisma was the last important.

For this season I added weights again placing an emphasis on Talent followed by Uniqueness, Nerve, and Charisma. The final rankings are below with their actual placements in brackets.

Rankings for the Season

14. Serena ChaCha (13th)

I’m sure most fans will agree with this placing as Serena came last in all categories for me with the exception of lip-syncing, but only because Penny didn’t know the words and Honey and Vivienne gave one of the most boring lip-syncs in drag race herstory. Other than that Serena was the least polished of all queens serving two busted looks on the runway and gave the worst performance in the lip-syncing acting challenge. Not to mention she was annoying as hell. Serena definitely earned the 14th spot on this list.

13. Penny Tration (14th)

Penny was the first to go so we have no idea how well she would have performed in any of the challenges but her outfit was nowhere near as awful as Serena’s. Penny could have lasted longer if she only learned the words to “Party in the USA”, and a drag queen not knowing the words to a song as easy that one is just unforgiveable. Penny seemed likeable though and her read of Serena at the reunion just made me love her more!

12. Vivienne Pinay (11th)

Vivienne comes in at 12th for failing to stand out among the crowd. Her runway looks while polished were very boring and didn’t stand out as much as some of the other queens’ looks. Her performance in the challenges was forgettable as well. And she grew to become unlikeable by the last episode she was on because she seemed to be bitter towards the judges and some of the other queens, blaming her poor performance on having to work with annoying queens like Roxxxy. But I hate when queens make excuses like that, she should’ve tried to outshine Roxxxy if that was the case. Vivienne is also responsible for one of the most boring lip-syncs of all time leading to the only double elimination in the show’s herstory. Her 12th placing is well deserved.

11. Monica Beverly Hillz (12th)

Monica had a lot on her mind when she entered the competition. Keeping such a huge secret from everyone is probably why she performed mediocre and poorly in the first couple challenges, but even after she came out she didn’t do much better. Monica’s runway looks were nothing special, but the area Monica seemed to be decent in was lip-syncing. She gave a great rendition of Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)” but by her second lip-sync she seemed to have given up, because her performance wasn’t as powerful. Maybe if she were on a later season she’d have gone further.

10. Honey Mahogany (11th)

Honey may not have been the most fashionable queen (three kaftans in a row is a bit much) or the best lip-syncer, but she was probably one of the sweetest queens on the show. Not to mention her portrayal of Mystique was spot on! But she began to fad into the background after that challenge. Even if Ru did send Vivienne home and kept her, Honey would have probably been the next to go anyway.

09. Jade Jolie (8th)

Jade apparently holds the record for the most number of weeks at Safe and that is reflected in this list. She performed well enough in the challenges to get by each episode but she never stood out from the other queens. In terms of runway looks she definitely had some ugly ones but she also had some great ones as well. Her lip-syncing skills also place her somewhere in the middle. She had high energy and mouthed the words well enough, but her performance just didn’t have the pizazz that a lot of the contestants’ performances did. Not to mention that while she may have seemed sweet and loveable Jade definitely was one of the bitchier queens this season. It is for all these reasons that it makes sense that Jade comes in at 9th.

08. Alyssa Edwards (6th)

I’m sure this placing is where most will disagree with me. Honestly the top 8 queens of this season are all so sickening that it’s hard to place them, but the reason that we all of love Alyssa so much is for hilarious one liners and while that definitely helped her charisma score, she still was annoying as fuck, whenever she was arguing with Coco or Jade or anyone really. Alyssa was just never that great at a lot of the challenges, I mean she did win the dance challenge, which made sense but other than that Alyssa wasn’t that great. Alyssa’s runway looks were also hit or miss. I mean she always looked polished but nothing she wore was as interesting as what some of the other queens brought. Alyssa is a wonderful performer and one of the best lip-syncers of the season but she is what we call “good at drag, not good at drag race”.

07. Coco Montrese (5th)

It pained me to rank Coco higher than Alyssa, especially because Coco was the next most annoying queen on the show after Serena ChaCha. Not to mention most of the drama between her and Alyssa was started by Coco. And while Coco may have been in the bottom two, four times, she still tended to perform better than Alyssa overall in the challenges. Not to mention that like Alyssa Coco was a amazing lip-syncer and not gonna lie I found a lot more of Coco’s looks visually interesting or more interesting conceptually than a lot of Alyssa’s looks. Sorry peeps Coco gets the #7 spot for me. 

06. Lineysha Sparx (9th)

Some may disagree with this placing but in my opinion if there was any queen who left a season too early it was Lineysha. Every single one of her runway looks was more breathtaking than the next and she started off the competition strong in terms of challenge performance. However like a lot of the other queens after the second challenge she began to fade into the background and her performance in Snatch Game was just awful. Despite these problems Lineysha ended her time on the show by giving a great lip-sync performance, not mention she was one of the sweetest and most endearing queens of the season. She may not rank high on your list but she ranks high on mine.

05. Roxxxy Andrews (Runner-Up)

People hate Roxxxy because of the way she treated Jinkx and I do agree she was a little mean, most definitely. However in comparison to queens of seasons past *cough*Phi Phi O’Hara*cough*, Roxxxy wasn’t that mean and I believed most of her apologies to be genuine. And if you rewatch the season Roxxxy is quite likeable until that episode where she has her breakdow and even from that point on most of her reads of Jinkx are playful and she isn’t really mean to her again until the last two episodes. Not to mention I found Serena, Coco, and Jade way more annoying and bitchy than her anyway. Charisma aside, Roxxxy is one of the most sickening to queens to appear on the show. Her runway looks are consistently some of the best I’ve ever seen and despite being written off as a pageant queen, she did well in most of the acting challenges and was actually pretty funny. Not to mention Roxxxy will always be remembered for the LSFYL where she ripped off her wig to reveal another one underneath! One of the most gagworthy moments this season and in the entire show! You go Roxxxy Andrews!

04. Ivy Winters (7th & Miss Congeniality)

One of the most talented queens to ever appear on the show Ivy Winters initially seemed like the one to beat. She created all of her own looks and her circus background gave her a leg up on the competition (or in her case maybe an entire stilt? ;P) Despite having killer runway looks Ivy just didn’t have the hilarious personality to really excel in some of the acting type challenges. She did well in challenges involving dance and singing which she highlighted the fact that she is a great performer despite her slightly boring lip-sync number. To end on a positive note, Ivy was crowned as the season’s Miss Congeniality, a title that she most definitely deserved, as she was probably one of the kindest queens to ever grace the show. Love her!

03. Detox (4th)

Detox started the competition strong and was probably the queen that most fans were predicting to win the season. While this did not end up happening you can’t help but deny the amazingness that is Detox. She is one of the most entertaining lip-syncers of the series and her signature jaw wiggle is unforgettable. Her campy way of lip-syncing is surprising when one considers her runway looks are usually super sexy. This combination of camp and high fashion is reminiscent of Raven from Season 2. Detox was definitely one of the season’s runway queens and her lover for the 80s is something that I share. Detox was also generally one of the more kinder and hilarious queens, though her and Roxxxy doubting Jinkx’s abilities toward the end of the competition was hard to watch. In terms of challenges Detox was generally great at everything but somewhere along the way she lost her steam and two other queens ended up outshining her in the end.

02. Jinkx Monsoon (Winner)

When I was watching this season live Jinkx was my favourite queen and the one who I wanted to win the competition. It makes sense considering since about the second episode she’s done well in almost every challenge thrown at her. From acting, to singing, to dancing, to comedy, Jinkx is a jack-of-all-trades. Her lip-sync against Detox is probably the best of the season and maybe the entire series thus far. The area Jinkx seemed to struggle with though is her runway presentation. They were always hit or miss, but she definitely had a lot of more great looks than horrible ones. Jinkx was also super charming. She was the underdog and it made sense that a lot of people wanted her to win and she definitely deserved it.

01. Alaska (Runner-Up)

The true star of Season 5 has to be Miss Alaska Thunderfuck 5000. A lot of people claim that the reason Alaska didn’t win was because she was sleeping for the first half of the competition and only joined in at the end. I disagree; Alaska won me over when she walked out on the runway in that trashbag couture in the very first episode. Sure a few of Alaska’s looks were somewhat repetitive but some of the best looks of the season belong to Alaska, but I can definitely see that over the course of the season how her look definitely progressed and became more polished. It’s hard to evaluate this queen on her lip-sync ability as she didn’t have to until the final episode but even then she wasn’t horrible and kept her own against Roxxxy and Jinkx. She may not have done the best in every challenge but generally speaking I thought she did better overall than the other queens, even Jinkx, because Alaska was both camp and comedy and turn out a sickening high fashion look on the runway. Ivy may have won Miss Congeniality, but next her Alaska was definitely the most charismatic and hilarious, because even Jinkx got on your nerves once in a while, but not Alaska! For being the most well-rounded queen this season Alaska gets the top spot on this list.

RuPaul’s Drag Race S05E13: Countdown to the Crown (Part Two)

For the second part of my review of the recap episode I will be ranking all the runway looks of the season. There were 107 looks total among the 14 queens so I apologize for the long post.

107. Jinkx – Candy Couture Eleganza, Episode 11: The absolute worst look of the season. Not only was this a complete mess she didn’t really incorporate a whole lot of candy into this final look. She had more candy in her sweet 16 look than in this one.

106. Jade, Episode 6: For this runway the queens had to show off their favourite body part and I believe Jade’s was her arms. Either way this outfit was hideous. This was her rainbow outfit with hair hanging out of every crevice. I am a fan of rainbow colours and I get the Lisa Frank look she’s going for but I just thought this was a poor execution of a really good idea.

105. Serena, Episode 1: Serena’s lederhosen look from the first episode was another messy one. The bottom of the dress was fine but the sequined body part was kind of weird and the collar was a little much. Not too mention her make up was way too light compared to the darker body she was giving. I wasn’t a huge fan of that wig either.

104. Serena, Episode 2: Serena’s Panama look wasn’t that bad, but when you turned around it really did look like she was wearing a diaper on the runway. I agree with Kristen’s comment that the flag she was carrying could have been larger.

103. Penny, Episode 1: Her makeup was a tad too dark but I didn’t mind it that much and the dress looked good up until you got to her bust. It kind of just fanned out made her body looked weirdly proportioned. And the slit on the front of the dress should have been on the side instead.

102. Jade, Episode 1: This outfit just had a tad too much going on in terms of colours and pieces added. I agree with Ru when she told Jade that she needed to edit more.

101. Honey, Episode 3: Honey’s Bed, Bath, and Beyoncé look she wore for the pink runway literally looked like she just wrapped a sheet around her. How interesting (I’m being sarcastic).

100. Honey, Episode 1: I wasn’t a fan of the shape Honey created for the first runway, but thankfully using all different metallic like colours kept her out of the bottom the first episode.

99. Alyssa, Episode 9: Santino claims this to be the ugliest outfit in 5 seasons but I just named 8 outfits that I thought were worse (and that’s just for this season). I didn’t mind this outfit, it just wasn’t the best we’ve seen on the show.

98. Vivienne, Episode 4: This look just didn’t stand out to me at all. I don’t think I liked the red wig she chose and the outfit just wasn’t worth remembering.

97. Alyssa, Episode 1: If Alyssa edited her look a little more she could have ranked higher, but there were definitely elements I thought could have been removed, like the fabric that was wrapping around her leg.

96. Honey, Episode 4: Honey’s fourth kaftan wasn’t as bad as her pink one but for some reason the overall look just screamed tacky and homemade instead of high fashion.

95. Jinkx, Episode 7: Jinkx’s look for the roast just didn’t stand out in anyway to me so it comes in at 95.

94. Coco, Episode 7: Coco’s look worked for her performance as Ru’s cousin but as a look overall it just doesn’t compare to a lot of the other looks this season.

93. Jinkx, Episode 10: I liked the concept of a Liza and Judy runway walk with her partner, but this was another boring look. I think I’m coming to realize that while wearing black can be flattering it’s also boring as well.

92. Honey, Episode 2: Honey’s best look of the season. I honestly think this was the same kaftan she wears again in episode three for the pink runway but she just fashioned it on herself differently. I think the gold hair and jewellery were a nice touch as well.

91. Jinkx, Episode 2: I liked the concept of Jinkx’s space age mixed with old Hollywood glamour type look. In the end though I just thought it was an ugly outfit.

90. Alyssa, Episode 7: Alyssa looked great I just thought it was quite boring what she wore to the Roast. Then again fashion is never really a concern for the main stage challenges.

89. Roxxxy, Episode 4: Even in my least favourite outfit Roxxxy still looks gorgeous. I’m not sure what I don’t like about it but something about it just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s the colours or material or a combination of both? Unsure.

88. Jade, Episode 5: Another boring all black look on the runway, enough said.

87. Coco, Episode 3: This wasn’t necessarily a bad look, but Coco’s little girl and teddy bear pink outfit was kind of creepy. I don’t think she can pull off looking that young! #SorryBoutIt

86. Monica, Episode 3: Monica definitely looked like a flight attendant on Singapore airlines but I don’t think this look was all that bad. Just kind of cheap looking.

85. Monica, Episode 2: Another forgettable all black look.

84. Alaska, Episode 8: A lot of people love this look but I was never a really a huge fan. It’s probably because I generally don’t like executive realness looks but Alaska’s version just looked kind of messy. And not in the loveable way she usually is.

83. Alaska – Super Duper Sweet 16, Episode 11: LOL do I have to say it again? Another boring black dress.

82. Jinkx, Episode 6: I kind of like this old Hollywood glamour of look but I do agree with Michelle that Jinkx contoured her face a little dark. It also just wasn’t as memorable as some other looks this season.

81. Alaska, Episode 6: Alaska gets points for choosing her collarbone as her favourite body part but I wasn’t a fan of the colour or material of this dress. I also felt at this point I was starting to get bored of Alaska’s looks as they all started to look kind of the same.

80. Alyssa, Episode 4: The now famous outfit that showed of her back rolls, this wasn’t that bad of a look, I just wasn’t a huge fan of it. I think there was just too much going on.

79. Roxxxy, Episode 8: This was Roxxxy’s pink body suit. It wasn’t bad but I think the bow on front was what it made it look weird.

78. Coco, Episode 4: Coco’s pink glamourous dress wasn’t bad but I think I just found it a little boring.

77. Jinkx – Sugar Mama Executive Realness, Episode 11: I actually thought that this was a great look just not for Executive Realness. Loved the campy flavor she brought to the runway with this one but in the end she looked more secretary than CEO.

76. Detox, Episode 5: I’ve always been on the fence with Detox’s jellyfish look. It’s definitely more camp than high fashion and the silhouette is definitely unusual, but you have to admit it is quite clever.

75. Jinkx, Episode 12: Loved the flower crown headpiece just wasn’t a huge fan of the dress itself.

74. Jinkx, Episode 5: I actually liked this outfit; it just didn’t pop as some of the other looks this season.

73. Monica, Episode 1: I loved the colours Monica chose for this outfit; it seemed very 80s. It was just a very simple look in the end.

72. Vivienne, Episode 1: Loved the gold hair that matched the gold trim on the dress. She looked gorgeous and elegant but I tend to like more over the top outfits than simple ones.

71. Vivienne, Episode 3: Another cute look by Vivienne that failed to stand out in comparison to other looks this season.

70. Jade, Episode 4: I loved the reference for this look! Jade as Little Red Riding Hood was a joy to see on the runway.

69. Jade, Episode 3: Whenever I think of Jade I think of this outfit. She was serving realness here. The pink hair and dress went perfectly together.

68. Alyssa, Episode 2: Alyssa usually looks great but sometimes I’m just like WTF? Like that fur she was dragging around on stage, was it supposed to be a dog? LOL

67. Vivienne, Episode 2: Vivienne was serving up some gladiator realness with this gold number. She looked gorgeous.

66. Coco, Episode 2: Not a bad look from Coco, it just wasn’t my favourite. I don’t think body armour type thing she had on is my cup of tea.

65. Ivy, Episode 7: Ivy’s look from the Roast just wasn’t memorable but she’s just one of those queens that always looks gorgeous no matter what.

64. Detox – Candy Couture Eleganza, Episode 11: Detox’s look wasn’t bad it just ddin’t really look it had any candy on it. Also electric green is an awesome colour.

63. Roxxxy, Episode 7: Loved Roxxxy’s lace dress for the Roast but it again didn’t stand out as some other looks this season.

62. Roxxxy, Episode 10: Another look that wasn’t bad but didn’t stand out.

61. Coco, Episode 10: Loved the dress and boa but again failed to wow me.

60. Detox, Episode 10: Another look I’m on the fence about. I have no idea what Detox was going for here and even though Beth Adone looked a hot mess Detox was able to sell me on this look somehow even though I am not quite sure if it’s all that great lol.

59. Detox, Episode 7: A very 80s inspired look by Detox, but it just didn’t excite me in some of the ways the other queens this season were able to with their runway looks.

58. Detox, Episode 9: Detox’s Latina look was fun and campy, but it wasn’t the best we’ve seen this season.

57. Alyssa, Episode 5: A gorgeous dress and look by Miss Alyssa Edwards, but it doesn’t rank higher because it failed to stand out among some of the other looks this season.

56. Coco, Episode 5: Coco’s take on Nicki Minaj while polished was the third time we’ve seen a Nicki inspired look in the series. I wish she would have worn something else instead as this wasn’t all that new or exciting.

55. Roxxxy – Super Duper Sweet 16, Episode 11: Roxxxy didn’t really look all that young in this outfit, but I still thought it was kind of cute, and the marshmallows were a nice touch.

54. Jinkx, Episode 1: I enjoyed Jinkx’s Aquamarine coloured runway like immensely, but I feel like if she had removed one or two items it would have seemed even more polished than it already was.

53. Alaska, Episode 4: Alaska’s rich lady character wearing every piece of fur she owned was clever and hilarious.

52. Alaska – Sugar Mama Executive Realness, Episode 11: Alaska gets points for choosing to do a short haired wig and going for the supervisor of a construction site type of character. The hard hat was a nice touch and this was a great example of Executive Realness.

51. Alaska, Episode 9: Another gorgeous look from Alaska that she managed to camp up on the runway.

50. Roxxxy, Episode 6:  Roxxxy was serving bigger hair and body-ody-ody. Not to mention who doesn’t love a tear-away ;P

49. Alyssa, Episode 6: Alyssa looked gorgeous and her fave body part she was showing off was her legs. I just am not a fan of realness-fishy type looks. I prefer more high fashion, show girl, campy, or evening gown type outfits.

48. Coco, Episode 6: I admire Coco for taking a risk and going the spooky route. I don’t think a lot of fans liked this look but I always like when queens try to go out of their comfort zone and to be honest I liked this look a lot.

47. Alaska, Episode 7: Only Alaska could wear something you’d see at a funeral and make it look appropriate to wear to a roast. She looked gorgeous this episode.

46. Roxxxy, Episode 5: Roxxy took a page from Detox’s book and went with a more 80’s styled look for this runway and I was totally gagging over it.

45. Lineysha, Episode 5: Lineysha was one queen who always looked gorgeous. I loved this lace number she wore for her final episode.

44. Ivy, Episode 1: Ivy made a gorgeous dress and I loved that it was referencing the red carpet. Her hair was a just a tad to messy for my liking and I wished it was less plain and more pizazz.

43. Ivy, Episode 8: The judges didn’t really like her figure skater outfit but I did. It just wasn’t as impressive as some of her other looks.

42. Lineysha, Episode 3: Lineysha looked gorgeous in this white and pink number. She just didn’t stand out with this one as she normally does.

41. Lineysha, Episode 2: One of the only few swimsuit type outfits to grace the main stage, another wonderful look by Lineysha.

40. Alaska, Episode 2: By Alaska standards this look may seem kind of boring but it is what I think of when I think quintessential Alaska. From the hair to the black fur-like gorilla coat, it was overall a decent look.

39. Roxxxy, Episode 2: Santino may have not liked this look but I kind of liked the sparkly fringe look Roxxxy wore this episode. If she was going for Chewbacca she was going for the most glamorous Chewbacca I’ve ever seen.

38. Ivy, Episode 3: Who doesn’t like a showgirl outfit? I certainly do as I love all the beading and jewellery that come with it, but as we’ve seen many showgirl type looks over the season, especially as recently as last season with Chad’s look for the Pride Float challenge, this wasn’t as outside of the box as Ivy usually is.

37. Alaska, Episode 10: Alaska’s cat burglar outfit for the makeover challenge was quite clever, and with me interesting concepts always score highly on this list.

36. Jinkx – Super Duper Sweet 16, Episode 11: The judges may have hated this look but I didn’t. Jinkx’s 60s inspired hippie sweet 16 look was fun to watch and the candy jewellery was a nice detail that complimented the outfit well.

35. Jinkx, Episode 3: She may have been no Raja but I still quite enjoyed Jinkx’s pink version of a Marie Antoinette type look. It may have been just a bit too much though.

34. Roxxxy, Episode 3: Roxxxy looked absolutely breathtaking in her pink dress. I loved the necklace she wore as well.

33. Detox – Super Duper Sweet 16, Episode 11: A look reminiscent of the Pink Ladies from Grease, I absolutely adored Detox’s 80s inspired Sweet 16 look.

32. Jinkx, Episode 8: Another more old school glamour type look by Jinkx but this one was more visually interesting the one that appeared lower down on this list.

31. Alyssa, Episode 8: Alyssa’s Executive Realness was super sexy! Loved it!

30. Coco, Episode 8: I’m a huge fan of animal print so naturally I would of course rank Coco’s look for this episode high on the list.

29. Ivy, Episode 4: I have no idea how to describe this look from Ivy but the judges said she reminded them of Elizabeth Taylor I believe. Either way she looked stunning.

28. Detox, Episode 8: I agree with the judges when they say this wasn’t the best look from Detox but overall this was one of the better looks this season. I loved whatever it was made out of. She just looked so fierce walking down the runway in this.

27. Lineysha, Episode 4: One of the most breathtaking outfits of the season has to be Lineysha’s white dress. Absolutely gorgeous!

26. Alyssa, Episode 3: My favourite look from Alyssa has to be her all pink look. She looked so beautiful!

25. Detox – Sugar Mama Executive Realness, Episode 11: Serving Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Detox’s Executive Realness is probably one of the best we’ve seen in the series thus far.

24. Roxxxy – Sugar Mama Executive Realness, Episode 11: Roxxxy’s was great to if only for the fact she decorated the collar in gummy bears.

23. Alaska, Episode 5: Alaska dress looked almost mermaid inspired and the fact that she carried a fish on the runway made for a hilarious fishy pun. Gotta love when a queen combines humour and glamour into one outfit.

22. Jade, Episode 2: Jade’s ringmaster circus type look was sickening, enough said.

21. Ivy, Episode 2: As the only queen to walk the runway in stilts this was definitely one of the more impressive looks of the season. Not to mention Ivy as a butterfly was still quite cute.

20. Ivy, Episode 5: Ivy’s gold fish inspired dress was another combination of clever and creative and she looked absolutely gorgeous on the runway.

19. Coco, Episode 1: I will always be impressed by Coco for creating such a wonderful look. Loved the colour choices, loved the reference, loved how all the times worked well together, just loved the whole thing!

18. Detox, Episode 1: Detox serving Jem and the Holograms albeit in a more evening gown form. Loved the dress, the hair, how the colours complimented one another, and the jewellery. Detox nailed it with this look.

17. Coco, Episode 9: Coco’s Latina look was another fabulous look of hers. Loved the mango colour dressed and the floral detailing.

16. Roxxxy, Episode 9: There are no words to describe how amazing Roxxxy looked for this runway.

15. Roxxxy, Episode 12: Roxxxy’s final look was stunning; nothing else needs to be said.

14. Alaska, Episode 1: For literally wearing a dress made from a trash bag, Alaska’s look was both hilarious clever and high fashion.

13. Roxxxy, Episode 1: While Roxxxy’s dress was super elegant I didn’t think it deserved the win. She could have edited the detailing around the shoulder a bit as I didn’t like how far it went down but otherwise the makeup and hair were on point.

12. Detox, Episode 2: Detox’s black feather dress was giving me evil witch vibes and I was living for it.

11. Detox, Episode 4: I loved the blue dress she wore this episode. It looked like something you’d see on the runway of a high fashion show.

10. Detox, Episode 3: Detox’s nude, mesh type look rounds of this top ten and I loved the harlequin/Angelica Huston resemblance.

09. Detox, Episode 6: This was the one where when Detox turned around you saw that the back of her dress want all the way past her ass. You gotta love a queen who can look both sexy and hilarious on the runway at the same time.

08. Jinkx, Episode 4: No one else seems to love this look but me, but when I first saw Jinkx wearing this on the runway, she reminded me so much of Sharon Needles that I instantly fell in love. I think I just loved how futuristic, gothy, and campy it looked.

07. Roxxxy – Candy Couture Eleganza, Episode 11: One of the most impressive creations of the season is the fact that Roxxxy created a stringy dress made entirely out of licorice. You have to admire how time consuming that must have been and the hard work paid off as she looked amazing on the runway.

06. Lineysha, Episode 1: The look that should have won the first episode! The fact that Lineysha created a dress out of the hard to work with wallpaper is so fucking impressive! And the fact that she turned it out in on the runway with that pump in her hair…. there are just no words. You were robbed girl!

05. Ivy, Episode 6: Ivy’s favourite body part is her face so she decided to print pictures out of it and create an entire dress made from those photographs! If that isn’t pure genius I don’t know what is.

04. Alaska, Episode 3: Alaska wore a white dress reminiscent of what a bride could wear to her wedding day, the only catch was her hair and dress were covered in fake pink blood. Alaska was also toting a pink gun. There was just something so comic book/action movie about that you just couldn’t help but love it.

03. Alaska – Candy Couture Eleganza, Episode 11: Alaska walked the runway literally looking like cotton candy. For a queen that we didn’t think could sew very well this is one of the best creations to grace the runway.

02. Alaska, Episode 12: Alaska reminded me of Lady Gaga with her final look and I absolutely loved it. From her white lace dress, to her talon-like nails, to her alien-like hairdo, to her creepy dark make-up, this was one of the best looks I’ve ever seen.

01. Jinkx, Episode 9: The only queen to have both the worst and best look in the season Jinkx’s “Day of the Dead” look was amazing because it was so unexpected and looked amazing on the runway. It was definitely, hands down, my favourite look of the season.

RuPaul’s Drag Race S05E13: Countdown to the Crown (Part One)

For the first part of my review of the recap episode I will be going over the lip-syncs of the season with part two looking at the runway looks. There were a lot of great performances this season and most of the queens are talented in the lip-sync department. Some of my favourite LSFYLs of the entire series come from this season, so check out the rankings below!

12. Vivienne vs. Honey to Britney Spears’ “Oops!… I Did It Again” (E04)

This lip-sync was bad enough to warrant a double elimination, the first in the series’ herstory. Both queens were lacking energy and were just “drag walking” instead of “drag racing”. I did think Honey was the better of the two with her campy mannerisms, but I can see why Ru eliminated both of them.

11. Serena vs. Penny to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” (E01)

This LSFYL comes in at 11 because Penny didn’t know the words, which basically meant Serena automatically won and to be honest she didn’t do that great of a job. Poor Penny, I’ll always wonder if the song had been different if you would have stayed longer.

10. Monica vs. Serena to Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)” (E02)

This was another performance where one queen outshined the other. I don’t like the way Serena lip-syncs, she opens her mouth way too wide when lip-syncing. Not to mention she relied on the splits again for this performance. Monica did an amazing job though which is why this performance comes in at #10.

09. Coco vs. Monica to The Pussycat Dolls’ “When I Grow Up” (E03)

I’m sure by this point you get the idea. I tend to prefer more evenly matched lip-syncs then ones where one queen does poorly while the other one slays. This is another example of just that. Coco was one of the best lip-syncers this season so she did an amazing job with this song. Monica who gave a great performance the episode before for some reason was lacking energy this time and wasn’t as great as she could have been. Thus she was sent home.

08. Coco vs. Jade to the Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited” (E06)

Both Coco and Jade had high energy and danced the heck out of this song. Jade did a decent job, unfortunately Coco did better, and Jade’s performance is one that just doesn’t stand out in my mind, so it makes sense that this performance falls closer to the middle of the pack.

07. Detox vs. Coco to Seduction’s “(It Takes) Two to Make It Right” (E10)

Both these queens had to lip-sync multiple times throughout the season, however I didn’t find either of their performances in this episode to be as great as some of the other ones. Detox was the clear winner because her campy shtick totally worked for the song, but even at this point I was growing tired of her lip wiggle. I also think with this being her fourth time in the bottom Coco just didn’t have it in her like she did the other times to turn it out as much as she had in the past.

06. Alyssa vs. Ivy to Gwen Guthrie’s “Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on But the Rent” (E08)

Ivy gives great mouth, there’s no denying that, but unfortunately her staying in one spot of the stage worked to her detriment leading her to lose this one. Alyssa on the other hand worked that entire stage and was just amazing the entire time.

05. Jinkx vs. Alaska vs. Roxxxy to RuPaul’s “The Beginning” (E12)

All three queens gave a wonderful performance and it’s hard to determine who the clear winner of this one was. However there just wasn’t anything that happened on stage to make this one stand out in the same way the top four performances do.

04. Coco vs. Alyssa to Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted” (E09)

The performance we were waiting all season to see and this one did not disappoint! Both queens were working their asses off to stay in the competition during this song and they pulled out all the stops to win. In the end Coco won but it could have just as easily been the other way as well.

03. Detox vs. Lineysha to Cher’s “Take Me Home” (E05)

Lineysha is a great lip-syncer and I feel is quite underrated by the fans. Her slow and sensual performance was great but unfortunately she was just no match for Detox who surprised me with that lip wiggle, making me gag. Detox played up the camp angle which I loved and she even pulled a Willam and spun around to show off her ass. Who doesn’t love a little cheek action during a performance?

02. Roxxxy vs. Alyssa to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” (E07)

I still can’t decide who the winner of this one should be but this performance will always be remembered for the time that Roxxxy ripped off her wig and there was another one underneath! One of the most gag-worthy moments in the show’s herstory! Both queens gave great mouth and whipped their hair back and forth. It just comes down to a matter of preference I guess. Roxxxy’s head banging or Alyssa’s floor work?

01. Jinkx vs. Detox to Yma Sumac’s “Malambo No. 1” (E11)

Based on the first five seasons this is probably my favourite lip-sync so far. We had never seen Jinkx lip-sync until this very moment and she surprised us all by killing this number. Her dance moves and way of mouthing the words totally worked for the number. Detox did an amazing job too and also gave a hilariously campy performance. While Jinkx was the clear winner, the fact that both queens served up humour with their performance makes this an unforgettable lip-sync.

RuPaul’s Drag Race S05E12: The Final Three, Hunty

The queens’ final challenge can be viewed as three separate parts for which I’ll be evaluating them on. Their hairography, choreography, lip-syncing nd performance during the music part of the video for RuPaul’s “The Beginning”; their performance during the acting part of the video; and their speech on the main stage in which they were asked to tell the judges why they should be crowned and why their competitors shouldn’t.

Rankings for the Challenge

03. Roxxxy: Each queen excelled in one area of the challenge and this area for Roxxxy was the hairography portion of the challenge. As we’ve seen before when she had to lip-sync for her life, Roxxxy knows how to whip her hair. Her choreography was the best although Jinkx outshined her during the car scene. However Roxxxy performed the worst of the three during the courtroom scene and I liked her speech the least.

02. Alaska: Alaska was the only one who did the final part of the challenge, the speech, properly. Neither Jinkx nor Roxxxy talked poorly about the other competitors, which Ru stated was a part of the criteria. Despite this Alaska was the absolute worst during the music video part of the challenge. She kept messing up the choreography and she could have used a better wig for the hairography section. And just like her placing on this list Alaska was probably the second best actress in this challenge. It was hard to decide who performed better, her or Jinkx, during this section, but in the end I decided on Jinkx because Alaska still fumbled her lines a bit.

01. Jinkx: Jinkx may not have stood out during the music video or speech sections of the episode, but she sure did outshine the rest of the queens during the courtroom scene. Still she outperformed at least one queen in some part of the episode, so it is for these reasons that Jinkx gets the top spot this episode.

Final Thoughts

The final three had to lip-sync to RuPaul’s “The Beginning” with the winner of the competition being decided at the reunion. I always find this final lip-sync to hard to call as it’s difficult to watch three queens at once and all of them did an amazing job, so I’ll save my thoughts on their lip-syncing abilities for my final review of the season.

IMPORTANT MUST READ: Colorblind Ideology Is a Form of Racism | Psychology Today (lifted from @stonewallexodus, thank you!)


Colorblind Ideology Is a Form of Racism

However, colorblindness alone is not sufficient to heal racial wounds on a national or personal level. It is only a half-measure that in the end operates as a form of racism.

Problems with the colorblind approach

Racism? Strong words, yes, but let’s look the issue straight in its partially unseeing eye. In a colorblind society, White people, who are unlikely to experience disadvantages due to race, can effectively ignore racism in American life, justify the current social order, and feel more comfortable with their relatively privileged standing in society (Fryberg, 2010). Most minorities, however, who regularly encounter difficulties due to race, experience colorblind ideologies quite differently. Colorblindness creates a society that denies their negative racial experiences, rejects their cultural heritage, and invalidates their unique perspectives.

Let’s break it down into simple terms: Color-Blind = “People of color — we don’t see you (at least not that bad ‘colored’ part).” As a person of color, I like who I am, and I don’t want any aspect of that to be unseen or invisible. The need for colorblindness implies there is something shameful about the way God made me and the culture I was born into that we shouldn’t talk about. Thus, colorblindness has helped make race into a taboo topic that polite people cannot openly discuss. And if you can’t talk about it, you can’t understand it, much less fix the racial problems that plague our society.

Colorblindness is not the answer

Many Americans view colorblindness as helpful to people of color by asserting that race does not matter (Tarca, 2005). But in America, most underrepresented minorities will explain that race does matter, as it affects opportunities, perceptions, income, and so much more. When race-related problems arise, colorblindness tends to individualize conflicts and shortcomings, rather than examining the larger picture with cultural differences, stereotypes, and values placed into context. Instead of resulting from an enlightened (albeit well-meaning) position, colorblindness comes from a lack of awareness of racial privilege conferred by Whiteness (Tarca, 2005). White people can guiltlessly subscribe to colorblindness because they are usually unaware of how race affects people of color and American society as a whole.
Colorblindness in a psychotherapeutic relationship

How might colorblindness cause harm? Here’s an example close to home for those of you who are psychologically-minded. In the not-so-distant past, in psychotherapy a client’s racial and ethnic remarks were viewed as a defensive shift away from important issues, and the therapist tended to interpret this as resistance (Comas-Diaz & Jacobsen, 1991). However, such an approach hinders the exploration of conflicts related to race, ethnicity, and culture. The therapist doesn’t see the whole picture, and the client is left frustrated.

A colorblind approach effectively does the same thing. Blind means not being able to see things. I don’t want to be blind. I want to see things clearly, even if they make me uncomfortable. As a therapist I need to be able to hear and “see” everything my client is communicating on many different levels. I can’t afford to be blind to anything. Would you want to see a surgeon who operated blindfolded? Of course not. Likewise, a therapist should not be blinded either, especially to something as critical as a person’s culture or racial identity. By encouraging the exploration of racial and cultural concepts, the therapist can provide a more authentic opportunity to understand and resolve the client’s problems (Comas-Diaz & Jacobsen, 1991).

Nonetheless, I have encountered many fellow therapists who ascribe to a colorblind philosophy. They ignore race or pretend its personal, social, and historical effects don’t exist. This approach ignores the incredibly salient experience of being stigmatized by society and represents an empathetic failure on the part of the therapist. Colorblindness does not foster equality or respect; it merely relieves the therapist of his or her obligation to address important racial differences and difficulties.

Multiculturalism is better than blindness

Research has shown that hearing colorblind messages predict negative outcomes among Whites, such as greater racial bias and negative affect; likewise colorblind messages cause stress in ethnic minorities, resulting in decreased cognitive performance (Holoien et al., 2011). Given how much is at stake, we can no longer afford to be blind. It’s time for change and growth. It’s time to see.

The alternative to colorblindness is multiculturalism, an ideology that acknowledges, highlights, and celebrates ethnoracial differences. It recognizes that each tradition has something valuable to offer. It is not afraid to see how others have suffered as a result of racial conflict or differences.

So, how do we become multicultural? The following suggestions would make a good start (McCabe, 2011):

Recognizing and valuing differences,
Teaching and learning about differences, and
Fostering personal friendships and organizational alliances
Moving from colorblindness to multiculturalism is a process of change, and change is never easy, but we can’t afford to stay the same.


Comas-Diaz, L., and Jacobsen, F. M. (1991). Clinical Ethnocultural Transference and Countertransference in the Therapeutic Dyad. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 61(3), 392-402.

Fryberg, S. M. (2010). When the World Is Colorblind, American Indians Are Invisible: A Diversity Science Approach. Psychological Inquiry, 21(2), 115-119.

Holoien, D. S., and Shelton, J. N. (October 2011). You deplete me: The cognitive costs of colorblindness on ethnic minorities. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 10.1016/j.jesp.2011.09.010.

McCabe, J. (2011). Doing Multiculturalism: An Interactionist Analysis of the Practices of a Multicultural Sorority. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 40 (5), 521-549.

Tarca, K. (2005). Colorblind in Control: The Risks of Resisting Difference Amid Demographic Change. Educational Studies, 38(2), 99-120.

For those of you who offered feedback about this article, I am sorry but the comment area had to be closed due to a number of hateful, threatening, and racist comments. There were too many responses for me to reply to each one individually, but I did draft a collective response that you can read here: Why People Cling to Racist Ideas

RuPaul’s Drag Race S05E11: Sugar Ball

This episode begins with the puppet mini-challenge that also happened in the ball episode last season where each queen chooses a puppet representing one of the other queens and drags it up to do impersonations of them. Jinkx got Detox, Roxxxy got Jinkx, Alaska got Roxxxy, and Detox got Alaska. Alaska’s imitation of Roxxxy was probably one of the best moments in the show’s herstory and her win was a no-brainer. As the winner Alaska got a 15 second head start to gather supplies for the main-challenge which is to create three candy inspired looks: Super Sweet 16, Sugar Mama Executive Realness, and Candy Couture Eleganza, with the last look incorporating actual candy. Alaska also had to choreograph the opening number for the main stage. The guest judges for the episode were Bob Mackie and Marg Helgenberger.

It was hard to compare the queens this challenge because it seemed that each contestant had at least one good look. I decided to weigh the importance of each look differently with the final look being the most important and the first look being the least important.

Rankings for the Challenge

04. Jinkx (Bottom Two): The best look Jinkx gave was her sweet 16. The judges didn’t like it but she did look like a teenager from the 60s, which I loved. The candy in her hair was a nice touch I just wished she had a similar amount for her final runway look. However Jinkx’s executive realness was more secretary than CEO and her final look was just a hot mess. Jinkx was the definite worst of the week.

03. Detox (Bottom Two): Detox’s Sweet 16 look was my fave! I guess I just love the 80s/Grease type look she was giving. Her Executive Realness was my second fave. I agree with the judges it was very Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction and just very 80s which I love. Her final look though was just mediocre. It didn’t really look like it had candy on it, but I do love the electric green colour.

02. Alaska (Winner): Alaska was the winner of the challenge and I can see why however with the exception of her Candy Couture I wasn’t as in love with the rest of her looks as the judges and a lot of fans seem to be. Her Sweet 16 was boring to me so I ranked it the worst of the bunch and while I loved her take on Executive Realness I preferred Detox and Roxxxy’s look to hers. However her Candy Couture Elenganza was indeed the best. She took a risk and it sure as hell paid off.

01. Roxxxy (High): I thought Roxxxy was the only one to really nail all three looks and I liked that she incorporated different kinds of candy for all of them. Roxxxy’s Sweet 16 didn’t look all that teenage to me but I did love the marshmallows, I thought they were cute, I preferred Jinkx and Detox’s Sweet 16 looks more. Roxxxy’s Sugar Mama was the best I thought just because I loved how she detailed the collar with gummy bears. Finally her Candy Couture Eleganza while not as amazing as Alaska’s was still impressive. An entire dress of made of hanging licorice demonstrates some serious creativity skills. Awesome job Roxxxy!

Final Thoughts

Detox and Jinkx were in the bottom and had to lip-sync to Yma Sumac’s “Malambo No. 1” with Detox being the one who ultimately went home in the end. It was sad to see Detox go as I was kind of hoping that somehow Roxxxy would fuck up so she could go home, but alas this was a sewing challenge and Roxxxy nailed it. As for the lip-sync itself I think this one has probably replaced MacArthur Park from Season 3 as my all-time fave. Both queens camped it up for the performance and I was loving every minute! Unfortunately by this point we had grown tired of Detox’s shtick so it made sense that she was the one to sashay away. 

When I was watching the season initially I was hoping for a Jinkx win and it made sense considering up until the very end she had ranked highly or had been a winner for 8 straight episodes. No queen has done this yet I believe. But re-watching it now I see why many wanted Alaska to win and I kind of wish she did too now. She never had to lip-sync for her life and has just been more a delight to watch than Jinkx was. Roxxxy is a sickening queen, don’t get me wrong, but at this point you just kind of knew that Jinkx or Alaska were gonna take it. #SorryBoutIt 

There is still the music video challenge so any of these queens could surprise me with something I missed the first couple times I’ve seen this season, but with my viewing of the season almost over I can’t wait to write my thoughts about the fashion, lip-syncs, and final rankings of the season.

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