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RuPaul’s Drag Race S06E05: Snatch Game

I am not sure if they didn’t show the mini-challenge or if they decided not to do one but either way no mini-challenge this episode. The queens just prepared for my favourite challenge: Snatch Game! The theme for the runway was “Night of 1000 RuPauls” where a queen had to walk the catwalk where one of Ru’s signature looks for guest judges and Snatch Game contestants Heather McDonald and Gillian Jacobs.

Rankings for the Challenge

10. Gia (Bottom Two): For this episode there were four obvious queens who did poorly for this challenge and how you rank them is up to you, but Gia was the worst for me this episode. Every time she spoke I cringed. She tried to be funny but it just never happened. The entire segment involving with her was just extremely uncomfortable to watch.

09. Trinity (Safe): If it were up to me I would place Trinity in the bottom two with Gia this week. Her wig change was not funny and neither was anything she said. Her performance was overall pretty flat this episode.

08. Milk (Low): Milk gets this position because she definitely did sound a lot like Julia Child but her jokes were just awful and definitely not worth reciting to anyone ever.

07. Laganja (Bottom Two): Ru placed Laganja in the bottom two and while I find her annoying like most of the fans do I thought her overall performance, while bad was nowhere near as bad as Trinity’s or Milk’s. I kind of understood that she was going for a caricature of Rachel Zoe and I admire her attempts at being funny. I did find it overall pretty amusing but she definitely doesn’t deserve a higher spot than 7.

06. Courtney (Safe): Courtney who has been pretty funny thus far was surprisingly boring as Fran Drescher. She had maybe one or two zingers and she was definitely being exaggerated in characterization, but I think she could’ve taken it further.

05. Darienne (Safe): Darienne did a great Paula Deen; everything she said was quite funny. Unfortunately she failed to stand out in a crowd of great Snatch Game contestants.

04. Joslyn (Safe): Every challenge Joslyn just keeps surprising me. Her Teresa Giudice was hilarious! And she definitely deserves the #4 spot.

03. Bianca (High): This Snatch Game was definitely the closest in herstory and any of these top 3 queens could have won the challenge. How they rank differs from person to person but for me I’d give Bianca the third spot. She was definitely hilarious as Judge Judy, I think the reason why I chose Bianca third is because it was an easy or safe choice, because of how similar they are in terms of personality.

02. Adore (High): When Ru asked for Adore’s impersonation of Anna Nicole Smith in the workroom I was blown away. This is the episode where I fell in love with Adore. She did Anna Nicole to a T. Her characterization, voice, and jokes were all reminiscent of Anna, and it was hard for me to not give her the top spot this week.

01. BenDeLaCreme (Winner): Some fans don’t think DeLa should have won this challenge because she was nothing like Maggie Smith, but as someone who’s seen many films she’s been in and watches Downton Abbey, DeLa did an amazing job I thought. I gave DeLa the top spot because every single one of her responses were so witty and clever and actually made me laugh out loud. Especially the citrus one! This moment will be forever etched into my memory!

Final Thoughts

Laganja and Gia were in the bottom two and had to lip-sync to Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s “Head to Toe” and Gia sashayed away in the end. Neither of these two really impressed me with this song. Both went to their trademark moves (deathdrops by Ganja and voguing by Gia) but it didn’t really fit well with the song. Laganja did slightly better because Gia took too long to get out of her dress while performing. 

Of the remaining queens left Laganja is the one I’d like to see go next. Milk or Trinity would be second based on their performance thus far. Hopefully Trinity coming out as HIV-Positive will allow her to excel in the other challenges as she is getting on my nerves almost as much as Laganja. The other 6 queens all have their strengths and weaknesses with Joslyn and Adore being the only ones so far not to have won a challenge. Adore seems to be rising each week and Joslyn has been doing surprisingly well since her first time in the bottom three in Episode 2. Even with DeLa’s two wins I still wouldn’t count the others out just yet, especially Bianca. Can’t wait to see how things play out again over the next few episodes.

RuPaul’s Drag Race S06E04: Shade – The Rusical

I have this episode stored on my PVR from when it first aired so I am still able to watch the original version that includes the now infamous Female or She-Male challenge that sparked a lot of controversy. Basically the contestants were show an image of a body part and you had to guess if the woman was a “biological woman” or a “psychological woman” aka drag queen. This portion of the episode has now been removed from all future broadcasts as well as the “You’ve got she-mail” opening in the beginning of each episode. If you want more information on the controversy Google is your best friend! :P

Anyway the winners of this challenge were Adore and BenDeLaCreme and they were team captains for the main challenge: starring in a drag themed musical. Adore chose Laganja, Milk, April, and Joslyn for her team, while BenDeLaCreme chose Courtney, Bianca, Darienne, and Gia, with Trinity automatically joining her team as she was the last one remaining.

The runway theme was Tony Awards Realness with the guest judges being Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lucian Piane who helped them with their vocals during rehearsal while his sister taught them the choreography.

Rankings for the Challenge

11. April (Bottom Two): I think April’s main mistake this challenge was taking a bigger part. If acting isn’t you thing pick a smaller character with less lines so you won’t stand out so much when you fail, because April was the most awkward to watch during the performance. I admire her determination to try to prove to the judges that she could do it all but in the end it just didn’t work out the way she had hoped.

10. Trinity (Bottom Two): Even though Trinity was quite annoyingly defensive during rehearsal she didn’t stand out as badly to me as April did. She was still not as good as the other queens but I think picking a smaller part worked to her benefit.

09. Laganja (Safe): Honestly with the exception of the top 3 queens this week the rest could be ordered in any way that you think. Darienne was placed in the bottom for being outshined by Gia but I honestly thought Laganja was the most forgettable during the musical. I don’t remember anything she did that was worth mentioning.

08. Milk (Safe): Milk was another queen with a large part but I wasn’t a huge fan of her performance. I’m not sure there’s something about the way that Milk acts that just kind of rubs me the wrong way. I felt that it was also kind of similar to the part she had in the challenge last week.

07. Darienne (Low): Unlike RuPaul I thought Darieen’s performance was quite funny. Sure she may not have stood out like Gia but she didn’t do a bad job really.

06. Gia (Safe): Gia was another queen who didn’t do great but didn’t really do badly either. She was surprisingly funny as a comedy queen, which I was not expecting, so kudos to her fur turning it out in the end.

05. Joslyn (Safe): Joslyn definitely oozes charisma because even though her part was meant to be more of a background character with her minimal lines she was still able to stand out among her teammates. She was quite funny as well.

04. Bianca (Safe): Bianca just seems to be great at everything. Sure she may not have stood as much as the top three but for being out of her element she still held her own and did a great job in the end.

03. Adore (High): It seem like that being in the bottom three two challenges in a row finally lit a fire under Adore’s ass because she was phenomenal as Bad Penny. I still recite her opening in my head a lot. Adore has a singing background so I knew she would do great in this challenge. I just happened to like a couple other queens’ performances more than hers.

02. BenDeLaCreme (High): DeLa surprised me as well. She played her character wonderfully and there is nothing about her performance I would change.

01. Courtney (Winner): Courtney was the obvious winner. She not only looked the part but she was in my opinion the best singer on the stage. Nothing else needs to be said.

Final Thoughts

April and Trinity were in the bottom two and had to lip-sync to Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” with April being the one to sashay away in the end. This lip-sync was intense both queens brought it, but Trinity, who is arguably the best lip-syncer the show has seen, was the clear winner. It was unfortunate to see April go because she had some stunning runway looks but she doesn’t seem to have the acting background to go all the way. Trinity also needs to step up her game, as this is the second episode in a row where her doubting herself doesn’t seem to be doing her any favors. 

This is the episode where Adore starts to do well and I originally written Joslyn off but she’s also doing quite well in this competition. Laganja, Gia, and Milk have yet to grab by my attention really so from this episode you get the impression they won’t be going on much further. 9 more episodes for me to get through until I finish this season!

RuPaul’s Drag Race S06E03: Scream Queens

Now that the two groups have merged Ru asked them to pair up with a queen that wasn’t in their group previously for the mini-challenge. One queen would have to sit on the top of the other while the other queen was lying down. The top queen would have to lip-sync to Ru’s song “Click Clack” while the bottom queen moved her legs around in heels. The winning pair were Adore and Milk who served as team captains for the main challenge: to star in trailers for horror movies. Both queens ended up just choosing queens that were in their original groups, which sucked for Adore since again most of the talented queens were in the other group.

The queens were also asked to walk the runway in their best drag for guest judges Lena Headey and Linda Blair.

Rankings for the Challenge

12. April (Bottom Two): Some may attribute the reason for April’s poor performance is the fact that Adore as the team leader assigned her a role beyond her capabilities. And while I agree to some extent I do believe that in the end you should make the best of the role you’re given. And I totally think April could’ve pulled off the role of a butch lesbian better than she did. I agree with the judge’s critiques that she did come across as more a male cross dresser than a butch woman. Overall her performance was the most uncomfortable to watch so it made sense she was in the bottom two.

11. Vivacious (Bottom Two): There was some shady editing with Vivacious’ part because I don’t know why they didn’t cut the long pause before her line. Despite that all of Vivacious’ line deliveries were awkward as well, and that is something the magic of editing can’t really fix.

10. Trinity (High): Trinity is lucky she was on the winning team because she may have had to lip-sync otherwise. Her final performance wasn’t bad but her constantly needing direction from Ru confirmed that she is indeed not an actress.

09. Adore (Low): Adore may not have done a great job assigning the roles or memorizing her lines, but in the end she turned out a great performance as well.

08. Milk (High): I decided to place Milk 8th because I didn’t find her all that memorable or entertaining as the mother of the head. I felt like she was overacting too much in a bad way. But she didn’t mess up as much as some of the other queens so 8th seems like a good spot for her.

07. Gia (Safe): Gia messed up too but I don’t think she did to the degree the judges say she did. Her performance was still entertaining to watch in the end.

06. Laganja (Safe): It’s like the judges said she wasn’t shitty but she wasn’t the best either, but on a team full of queens who didn’t know their lines and gave weird and awkward performances Laganja did alright.

05. BenDeLaCreme (Safe): The best actress from her team and one of the better actresses overall BenDeLaCreme as the mother of the head was a joy to watch. I wasn’t sure where to place her but she like the rest of her team didn’t seem to have their lines and timing down due to the fact that Adore didn’t make them rehearse so unfortunately DeLa will just get the 5th spot for this challenge.

04. Bianca (High): Bianca had great chemistry with Courtney and gave a wonderful performance, she just failed to stand out as much as some of the other queens on her team.

03. Joslyn (High): Joslyn surprised us with her performance; her “GASP!” was so unexpected and hilarious! For that line a lone Joslyn gets the 3rd spot in this list.

02. Courtney (High): Courtney definitely proved that she could act in this challenge. Between her and Bianca she was the definite better of the two. She stole the scene! Her British accent and flirtatious portrayal of her character were hilarious to watch.

01. Darienne (High): It was obvious why Milk’s team was chosen as the winners almost all of them were great actresses and about half of these queens could have been declared the winner. I decided to agree with Ru’s choice in giving Darienne this win because for such a small part she was the most memorable on her team.

Final Thoughts

Vivacious and April were in the bottom two and had to lip-sync to Selena Gomez’s “Shake It Up”. Both queens had great energy and were entertaining to watch, but Vivacious pulled out a lot of the same moves from the last time she had to lip-sync. April also I think brought it harder than Vi did. Stripping off her costume allowed her to dance her ass off on the stage not to mention she even kind of looked like Selena Gomez. So for being a tad repetitive and not bring it as much as April did, it made sense to send Vivacious home.

11 queens are left now and rewatching it now it’s still too early to predict how things will go. So I’ll have to rewatch more episodes to see how things play out again before sharing my thoughts on that.

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